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This medical practice first opened in February 1967, located at 43 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow. The phone number 4284 5416 has been the same up to the present day.

The practice was opened by Dr Kenneth Doust, who previously had been the Medical Superintendent of Port Kembla Hospital. We began with having approximately 6 patients on the first day, and then about 2 or 3 patients per day after that. Dr Doust also conducted practice from his residence in Foleys Road, Gwynneville for people living in that area. For several months the practice grew, servicing both areas and in particular the arrival of many immigrants from England and Italy. At that time, the Fairy Meadow Hostel was operational. In the 1970s – 1980s there was the arrival of Turkish migrants. In the later part of 1967, Dr Doust volunteered to serve as a Medico during the Vietnam War. He served there for 6 months.

The practice employed a locum, Dr J Byrne, to cover for that 6-month period. When Dr Doust returned and resumed his work in the practice it was built up to a very busy practice, having approx. 90 patients per day. In about 1971, the practice moved to the new address in Daisy Street, Fairy Meadow.

Dr Doust sold the practice to Dr Allsop in 1972. Dr Doust moved to Bathurst to take up a position as the Doctor for Bathurst Gaol. He was there at the time of the famous Bathurst Gaol Riots. He later became head of Medibank (Medicare) in Canberra, then semi-retired to Narooma. He was a very liked and well-respected doctor.

Dr Allsop employed Dr Loomba as a locum in 1973. Dr Loomba had been working in Deniliquin prior to this. Soon after starting at the practice, Dr Sara Loomba arrived from England and eventually Dr Loomba purchased the practice, and his wife Sara worked alongside him.

The practice was very busy in the 1970s. There was a RN employed and 2 receptionists. At one time, there was a Turkish and Spanish receptionist employed to assist with translating. The practice conducted small procedures such as vasectomies, circumcisions, as well as other procedures. The practice saw the advent of accreditation. Dr Loomba and Rosa were involved with the trials in the 1990s.
Rosa terminated working in the practice in 1997, after being employed for almost 30 years.

(as recounted, to the best of her memory, by Rosalbina Larosa)

Dr Shah and Dr Al Khemesy purchased the practice on Daisy Street from the Loomba's in 2012. They have since built a brand new surgery together, at 88-90 Princes Highway, which they moved into in September 2015. The practice continues to grow and improve to this day.